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Please meet Lori Brookshire Parrson and Kathy Brookshire, a mother/daughter photography team!   

Lori is the daughter portion of this duo and is the creative force behind the studio.  Kathy (who claims to be the daughter!) is the organization that keeps the studio running day by day!   Both ladies are Certified Professional Photographers and are active in every session and in the required daily design work.   

Their business has always had an emphasis on family probably because family is such an important factor in their own lives! 

Lori is married to her high school sweetheart, Mike.  They have an active five year old boy and high hopes for providing him with a little brother or sister one of these days!   Right now, their lives involve all the craziness of any young parent who works but also has a child in school, playing t-ball, going to daycare, etc.

Kathy is also married to her high school sweetheart, Steve.  After raising two girls, their biggest hobby is spoiling and enjoying the two grandsons their daughters and sons-in-law have provided for them!   They also enjoy traveling very much. 

Both couples live in Fordyce and attend the same local Baptist church. 

Theirs is truly a family studio.   It is common to meet any of their family members while at the studio!   Lori proudly admits that her daddy is often (or should we say always!) called upon to provide the needed parts of a set for Easter, Christmas or just an off-the-wall session!   Out of necessity, he helped with the chicks and the bunnies at their Easter sessions one year and had so much fun that he is now a regular when these sessions roll around each year!   In fact, he now knows many of the kids by name!

Lori’s son, Caden, is their go-to model for sample images for studio specials.  Without a doubt, he has to be one of the most photographed boys around and he has the greatest little smile to prove it! 

These ladies would love to invite you to their studio!  Come on in and make yourself a part of their studio family!